Types of visa that allows to work in Australia

Every visa satisfies one or another kind of purpose. Every visa comes up with certain restrictions
associated with it. Certain visa restricts you from doing work while other may restrict you from investing.
There are various types of work visa that allow working in Australia. There are various visa that allows work permit as well along with the visa that most of us are not aware of, let’s check out these types of visa

Bridging Visa –

Some bridging visa holders have the right to work in Australia. Bridging visa allows them to stay in
Australia until their long-stay visa application is in process. In case a long-stay visa application is refused
or rejected by the immigration authority. The applicant needs to vacate the country as soon as possible.

Student Visa –

A candidate is not allowed to stay or study in Australia without a student visa. The student visa holders
are eligible to work for two weeks during semester time and full time at the time of semester breaks.
Students under a student’s guardian visa holder are not allowed to work.

Graduate Temporary Visa –

The basic purpose of higher education is Job. Considering this point, Australian immigration authorities
introduce graduate temporary visa 485. This visa allows students to stay and work in Australia after the
completion of a course or degree. This visa gives full working rights to the candidate.

Working Holiday Maker –

These visa holders are allowed to work for 6 months under a single employer, this duration can be
extended to 12 months. Visa holder needs to leave the country once their visa got expired.

Temporary Partner Visa –

These visa holders have full working rights until their relationship runs smoothly. Their visa becomes
invalid, once their relationship breaks. Otherwise, they have to face the consequences for the same.

Other Temporary Visas –

Skilled Regional Provisional Visas –

As the name suggests, it allows visa holders to work in various regional areas in Australia. These visas
cover only limited regional areas.

Business Provisional –

Under business provisional, you are allowed to start a business or invest in Australia. If you have a
business visa that doesn’t mean your purpose is just to start the business in Australia, With this visa you
are allowed to attend any business conference or seminar.

Training and Research Visa –

People who indulge in occupational traineeships are eligible to work in Australia.
We hope the above visas will give you a quick review of the types of visa holders eligible for working
rights granted by top immigration authorities in Australia.

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