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You may send enticing offers and promotions directly to your clients’ phones with Bulk SMS SERVICE. Here are some starting points for fashion retailers. 

We seldom go anywhere without our smartphones, so when a text comes in, we immediately check to see who it is from. Because of this, SMS marketing may be the most effective approach for fashion businesses to reach customers wherever they are and cut through the clutter. 

Customers are unlikely to disregard your messages since, according to a research, 78% of Australians always read their text messages. 

You may inform your clients about forthcoming discounts and promotions, provide special discount coupons, advertise new collections, and do a lot more with Bulk SMS service

About SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the practice of sending commercial text messages to your consumers’ mobile devices. Before you can send your consumers marketing messages, you must need their permission and cell phone number. 

Bulk SMS service may be used to let consumers know about promotions, specials, or breaking news. Messages frequently advertise limited-time deals like a flash sale or future promotion. 

It would take awhile to manually send SMS messages to hundreds of potential clients. Bulk SMS service, or delivering messages to all of your clients at once, is a time-saving feature of SMS automation platforms.


Here are some arguments on why SMS is a crucial marketing tool for your clothes company in case you need them: 

We always have our mobile phones with us. Every time they leave the house, 94% of Australians bring their cell phone, and they check it on average for 3 HOURS PER DAY. 

Bulk SMS service is therefore a reliable method of reaching your customers. 

For SMS, there is no rubbish folder. Fashion businesses need to use email marketing, yet advertisements often end up in spam folders. The average email open rate, according to a study, was only 21.33%.

  • Sending messages to all of your consumers at once is time and money-saving thanks to bulk SMS. Automation tools are reasonably priced, and they often base their costs on the size of your contact list. 
  • Customers find it to be handy. On their mobile devices, people feel at ease surfing and making purchases. Customers may readily check out your promotion or deal and won’t ever miss a deal if you include a link in your SMS. 
  • The outcomes are traceable. You can determine precisely how many individuals have used discount coupons or responded to your messages by using an SMS automation solution. This makes calculating your ROI simpler.


Look no farther if you’re unsure of what messages to deliver to your clients. 

Some of the most efficient strategies to text with your consumers have been compiled by us. 

  • You may use Bulk SMS service to promote a flash sale if you have unused, out-of-season merchandise. 
  • Use terms like “everything must go,” “prices cut,” or “last opportunity to purchase” to entice clients, and add a deadline to increase the pressure. 
  • To make the purchasing process as easy as possible, finish your message with a CTA connecting to the deals.


  • When a special campaign or end-of-season deal is about to begin, let your consumers know. 
  • You may promote a percentage off or a deal on a certain range of goods. For instance: 
  • “This weekend only, Black Friday: 20% off everything in-store” 
  • “Shoes and purses are buy one, get one half off!” 

Programs for loyalty and referral 

  • You may utilise Bulk SMS service to give your consumers a personalised, appreciated experience. 
  • You may Bulk SMS service welcome messages to anyone who sign up for your loyalty programme. Then you may separate a group of devoted clients and SMS them with exclusive deals and discount vouchers. Make it clear in your messaging that only VIP clients are eligible for the promotion! 
  • Offering a special discount for referrals is another approach to get more people to join up for your loyalty programme. For instance: 
  • “When you introduce a friend to our reward programme, you’ll receive $20 to spend in-store.”


Competitions are a fantastic method to expand your audience and your network of connections for marketing purposes. 

You may first promote the competition online, in-store, and by Bulk SMS service before running it on SMS. You may persuade influencers to advertise your rivals on social media if you currently use fashion influencer marketing. 

Invite folks to “text to win,” then pick a winner from all of the texts received. 

A contest SMS may seem something like this: 

  • “WIN a unique collection of our recently released summer fashions. To enter to win, text SUMMER to 0135. 
  • Make sure participants are aware that joining the tournament automatically adds them to your SMS marketing list.


These are the recommendations we have to make SMS marketing effective for your clothes company. 


All Bulk SMS service marketing communications sent from Australia must adhere to the 2003 SPAM ACT. 

Three needs in particular should be kept in mind: 

  • Obtain authorization. Sending SMS marketing messages without the recipient’s consent is prohibited by law. Get your customer’s permission before adding them to your list to avoid paying a big fee. 
  • Permit subscribers to unsubscribe. A link to unsubscribe should be included in every mail. 
  • Declare your identity. The sender of marketing messages must be clearly identified in the message. As the sender ID, either use your company name or start with your name.


You only have 160 characters for text messages, so you must be succinct. 

Utilize the BLUF strategy, which stands for “bottom line up front,” and begin your SMS message with the most crucial bit of information. 

You may put your message together like this: 

  • Name of the business (in the absence of a sender ID.) 
  • The deal or advantage for customers. 
  • “Everything is 20% off today only” 
  • Shop our brand-new winter collection right away, and don’t miss our end-of-season discount beginning Friday. Customers will feel more pressure and be more likely to go for their wallets as a result. 
  • Conditions. Indicate what the buyer must do to be eligible for the promotion, such as copying and pasting a promo code or making a $50 purchase.

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