8 Effective Ways to Use Bulk SMS in the Manufacturing Industry in 2022-23


Manufacturing is unquestionably the foundation of any nation’s economy. This sector has a significant impact on the GDP growth rate of the nation and significantly boosts the economy. The manufacturing industry in India is the one that is expanding the quickest overall.

For continued growth, the manufacturing industry needs marketing and promotion just like the other sectors do.

As a result, the best method for promoting this industry to the general public right now is through SMS service. In today’s world, everyone has access to a mobile phone, and 95% of SMS are opened and read.

Therefore, manufacturers could use this strategy to achieve better financial outcomes. You will have a clear understanding of SMS’s significance and advantages for the manufacturing sector.

1. Manufacturers can reach a larger audience with the aid of SMS. They can communicate with the customers and inform them of the newest deals and discounts with just a quick text message.

2. SMS assists with monitoring human resource management. It may be useful for keeping an eye on workers from different locations.

3. Automatic billing, payments, and collection of information can all be greatly benefited from SMS services.

4. It can also be used to communicate internally about product delivery, dispatch, orders, and order confirmation.

There are many ways you can use SMS in the manufacturing sector to stand out in a field where your rivals might not even be competing yet!

8 Ways SMS Use in the Manufacturing Sector

1. Launching New Products

What does the manufacturing sector do? The company “manufactures” goods. So navigating new products occasionally isn’t too difficult.

What better way to inform your existing customers about the newest product release than to send them an SMS directly to their inboxes?

It’s a tactic that’s been around for a while; almost every business that even remotely employs SMS marketing uses “product launch” SMS (s).

2. Issues with Communications

In this particular industry, it’s easy for some batches or even single products to be defective. That is a possibility. However, it then becomes nearly impossible for you to locate your customer and inform them of the batch flaws.

An SMS from the business informing the customer that a particular product isn’t in the proper condition is the best way to build their trust. (Of course, you’d need to get them a replacement, but the ROI on this kind of action will undoubtedly boost your brand.)

3. Discounts and Coupons

Manufacturing products? So you’ll have to sell them for sure, right? Discount codes or any other kind of “coupon” codes are the best at luring customers.

Even though they might not regularly check their email, who could ignore a “50% off discount coupon” that was waiting for them in their inboxes?

A discount coupon, a “conditioned” coupon (buy two get one free), or a futuristic coupon that offers discounts not on the subsequent purchase but on the purchase after that are just a few of the different types of coupons that are available.

This guarantees you two sales: the first when you receive the coupon and the second when you use it.

4. Additional Expenses

A customer who purchased product A may also be interested in product B; they may not yet realise it. One of the best ways to increase your sales is to send a simple SMS to your customers informing them that you have a new product to complement your existing one.

For instance, a particular cereal may taste best when combined with a particular brand of milk, butter, or any other ingredients. There is no set pattern or combination; you can even combine aeroplanes to create particular wings if you like.

6. Billing Statements

Sending an SMS to your clients with an invoice after a purchase is made makes things easier to manage. It’s one of the most effective professional gestures you can use in the manufacturing industry when sending bulk SMS.

Although it doesn’t have a “life-changing” effect on your clients, this marketing tactic nonetheless helps you stand out from the competition.

7. Sale Alerts

Whatever you produce, there will always be a customer base that is willing to purchase it. Additionally, “Sale days” are well known for boosting sales.

It may work to send them an SMS letting them know when the next sale is. Alternatively, you could send an SMS that says, “This item is on sale right now for 80% off, but only for the next 24 hours!”

8. Product Alerts for Upcoming Items

Your customers can also learn about a product that hasn’t yet been released but might be brief through SMS.

It’s a smart move because nobody will be staring at a stranger when the product is released. Instead, they’ll already be familiar with the gist of it! (That’s the idea behind launching movie trailers!)


Please let us know if there are any points that I missed or if there is anything else we should have covered. Additionally, if you want to comment on this article, you have the entire comment section to yourself.

Finally, what? There’s practically nothing that can go wrong if you experiment a little with other kinds of promotional SMS as well; just let your creativity do its thing.

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