Download the Latest (DRM Panel V4 Script) MPD to HLS Stream Player

Are you looking for a tool that can restream the DRM-protected MPD stream? Then we at XtreamMasters offer you a tool called DRM Panel V4 that can help you to play DRM-protected MPD files. Just download the latest DRM Panel V4 script and follow the steps in the given link to get your streaming solution up and running quickly.

What Is DRM Protection?

DRM protection is a technology that allows copyright holders to ensure that their content is playing only on authorized devices. For example, when you play DRM-protected MPD files, the decrypted stream will be in MPD format, not HLS format. Many modern devices do not support the MPD format, leading to lower playback quality. If you want to restream MPD streams in HLS, here comes DRM Panel V4 that can help you easily bypass DRM protection and convert DRM-protected streams into HLS format without loss of quality and no loss of playability.

Our DRM Panel V4 offers you many features:

Responsive dashboard: A dashboard where you can see all servers’ performance and total online and offline streams.

7 Days free trial: We offer a 7-day free trial. Click here to join, and a team of our technical staff will assist you with the setup.

Completely new scripts: It has a completely new script, smaller in size and completely re-coded.

High quality: It provides high-quality video output without damaging video content.

Ultra-fast speed: Our Panel can restream more than 5000 MPD streams simultaneously. The speed is incredible and the highest in the market.

Multiple servers support: Our DRM panel supports multiple LB servers and one main server. This will increase server speed and boost your restreaming experience.

Low latency: With our DRM Panel, you can get fewer than 0.1 seconds.

Easy to use: With one click, you can decrypt your MPD stream and restream it in any format you want.

Easy to scale: You can decrypt multiple streams and restream them to multiple streaming servers in just one click. It’s a piece of cake.

Notification system: The notification system gives message alerts when the status of the server changes, for example, if any server goes down.

The main feature of the DRM Panel V4 script is that it can bypass DRM protection and stream content in high-quality HLS format. If you own an IPTV server and want to use your stream source, then the XtreamMasters DRM panel is the right solution.

How To Get Started?

Step 1. Goto and fill out the form and click on the signup button.

Step 2. After signup, visit the login page, and you will be redirected to the dashboard, where you can see the server list option in the menu. Click on it and add a main server and one LB server, then go to the manage stream option, add a stream, and enjoy restreaming.

How to get a 7-day free trial?

If you are looking for an online restreaming solution to restream your local MPD streams, then the XtreamMasters DRM panel is the right solution. Sign up at  and fill in all the details, and our technical staff will assist you with setting up your account.


In conclusion, XtreamMasters DRM Panel V4 script offers a complete solution for all your streaming and content protection needs. It’s a goldmine for all IPTV providers, broadcasters and media companies out there who are struggling with the MPD stream restreaming issue. For more information about us or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via the chat window or send an email.

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