How to handle anxiety?

Anxiety is a dangerous mental health disorder. This is not even good for your physical health. Due to anxiety a person can’t make right decisions, sometimes he harms himself and the people around him, etc. In short, anxiety affects you so badly. According to a psychiatrist near me, If anxiety attacks you and you are facing difficulty and you want to get control of anxiety and you want to reduce it, you want to handle it, then do read this article. In this article we will tell you about different techniques by which you can handle anxiety attacks. 

“Seek counseling” 

Most effective way of reducing and controlling anxiety disorder is counseling. In this you should take different types of counseling and also treat it with therapies treatment. These therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. And these therapies control anxiety and depression and save you from panic attacks.

“Engage in light exercise” 

Regular exercise not only improves your physical health, it also boosts your mental health. Exercise reduces your 90% anxiety if you daily exercise for 20 minutes in light and three times in a week. Even after exercise if your anxiety is not reducing then you need to visit a doctor or psychiatrist for the treatment of anxiety. Visit your doctor and tell him about your condition then he will recommend more exercises and home remedies by which you will control panic attacks and anxiety and these recommendations will also help you in reducing anxiety, depression, stress, fear, panic attacks, etc. 


It is proven by research of anxiety therapist near me that if you massage your hands and feet with oil then stress is reduced and you become relaxed. This is the oldest technique to control anxiety. Take any good oil such as olive oil, mustard oil, etc. And then do oiling on your hands and feet and soon you will get the benefits of oiling.

“Gain knowledge of anxiety” 

Knowing about anxiety is so important because with the knowledge of anxiety any one will not get that these are anxiety attacks or whatever. When he has knowledge about anxiety then he will immediately handle anxiety by using different strategies. And also panic attacks, fear, phobias can also be controlled and these are caused by anxiety. So that’s why learning and having knowledge is so important. A person uses proven methods to control and reduce anxiety when he has awareness about anxiety or when anxiety occurs. And he controls anxiety by using effective remedies and methods. By this he stays safe from every possible and dangerous condition and he doesn’t let other mental health disorders dominate him.

“Challenge your thoughts” 

To challenge your thoughts is another good way of controlling anxiety. Challenge your thoughts when they are under estimate and challenge your thoughts that why can’t you do this, why could not you get control on fear, ask questions to yourself that what actually has happened why is anxiety caused, said yourself that whatever is the most worst thing then answer yourself that nothing is worse, said yourself that you can do it, you can have control on the anxiety, you can reduce it by applying different home remedies, etc. Ask yourself how bad your behavior is, how much will this affect your life. For example, anxiety is affecting you for one month, ask yourself what benefit you gained from it, nothing, you are just having disadvantages of anxiety and you are facing difficult conditions. Like this you can control and reduce anxiety by challenging your thoughts.

“Make coping cards” 

When scary thoughts come to the mind of a person then anxiety attacks the person. Coping cards is also a good way of controlling those scary thoughts. Fear of every person is different and personal but everyone can handle it by coping. Such as do coping with yourself that this is not horror, this is my weakness and it is not going to done by me, I’m getting trap in thinking, these thoughts are puzzling me, I’m confused in my thoughts, etc and in the end say this to yourself that actually the reality is totally opposite to my thoughts. 

“Face your fear”

When you run away from your fear, and you don’t face your fear then it affects you more badly. So that’s why you don’t have to get afraid of fear, instead of this you have to face and fight with fear and you have to fight in a good way, you have to fight and face fear with bravery. Take yourself again and again in that condition from which you are afraid and go to those places by which you have fear in your mind. When you repeatedly challenge your fear, it will reduce and after sometime it will be completely finished. Once it is over, you will not get afraid of that fear in your whole life. So that’s why to control your fear, face your fear again and again. And observe while facing it and you will have good results.

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